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Free Android screen mirroring app

Smartphones nowadays are an essential part of modern life. To some people, their phones are even more important than a standard computer. They may sit in front of their computer, but they still need to check their phones for certain things, such as important messages or phone calls. scrcpy is a utility software that lets you to display and control your phone screen on your computer. This app does not require any root access and only needs you to connect your phone through a USB connection or over TCP/IP.

Control your phone through your computer

scrcpy works as a screen mirroring tool enabling you to control your Android device on your PC. The app’s biggest feature is its low latency rate of 35 and 70 ms, making its performance on par with one of the most popular Android mirroring app, Vysor. However, unlike Vysor, scrcpy is completely free of use, including all its necessary features, such as file sharing, screen recording, and changing the resolution of your phone. You can even install APK files in your Android device from your PC.

scrcpy does not involve installing an application. Hence, it is also one of the safest mirror apps. However, there is a small catch. Users with no technical knowledge of the command line will likely face difficulties in installing and using the app.  The app works by executing a server on your device and communicating via a socket over an ADB tunnel. Your screen is then streamed as an h.265 video, which is then decoded and displayed by the app. 

Before running scrcpy on your computer, however, you need to download and install the Android ADB Tool. Only then can you download and install the scrcpy package. Once installed, you need to enable the USB debugging settings in the developer options on your phone. You can then connect the device to your PC via USB cable. Allow the USB debugging confirmation on your phone and run the application. You can also run the app wirelessly. To do so, you only need to simply enable wireless connection on ADB and make sure that your PC and phone are on the same wireless network.

Easily access your Android phone

Overall, scrcpy is a handy remote access tool that lets you control your Android device without actually holding it. As long as you correctly install the app, you can do all things that you’d expect from sharing your phone screen to your PC. Apart from this, there are other functions that you can do. However, beginners may find setting up a bit confusing and difficult. But once you’re past that, everything will be seamless.


  • Low latency rate
  • Can be used wirelessly or with USB connection
  • Offers file sharing and screen recording
  • Allows installation of APK files from PC


  • Requires technical knowledge of the command line


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scrcpy 1.16 for PC


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